Kandra's Keys - The Shortest Book on How to Write Your Book (Pre-order)

We all have a story to tell including YOU, yes YOU - the person reading this synopsis! Now, I  understand the thought  of beginning  any project  seems overwhelming. Unsurprisingly, writing a book it's not an easy feat… until NOW!  Kandra Albury has occupied several  multimedia roles including: a television news producer, news reporter, speech professor, and corporate communications specialist.

Using her vast array of writing experiences, Kandra has coached her clients through the writing and self-publishing process since 2015.

This tool will not only help you get started with your literary masterpiece, but it will captivate your interest from beginning to end.  Kandra also teaches the hopeful authors  how to professionally brand their message and earn the respect they deserve as a professional author and leading authority in the literary marketplace.

From Food Stamps to Favor


"From Food Stamps to Favor” is Kandra Albury’s memoir in which she shares her transition from a life stricken by poverty to discovering her truths, passions, purpose and Favor of God. In addition, she provides antidotes that take readers on her journey in which she gracefully conquered fear, self-doubt and low self-esteem. In the final chapter of her book, she shares how she conquered sexual abuse and now uses her story to inspire and create courageous conversations about sexual abuse prevention.

(Allow 2-3 weeks for autographed copies).

NO! And I Mean No! Let's Say No to Drugs!

NO! …And I Mean NO, Let’s Say NO To Drugs! This book provides adults with a proactive tool that will encourage open dialogue with children, ages three to seven, about saying NO to drugs as well as how to appropriately deal with peer pressure. “NO! …And I Mean NO, Let’s Say NO To Drugs!” empowers children to courageously say NO to drugs and to resist peer pressure. Upon reading this book, children will be proud to say they are cool, drug-free and proud!

(Allow 2-3 weeks for autographed copies).

Leave Us Alone You Mean 'Ole Bully!

The Feisty Four strikes again in “Leave Us Alone You Mean’Ole Bully!” This book will help kids gain the courage they need to combat bullying. In addition, kid-size superheroes will be empowered not to be bystanders and to courageously stand against bullying.

(Allow 2-3 weeks for autographed copies).

Don't You Dare Touch Me There!

"Don’t You Dare Touch Me There!” courageously introduces the topic of unhealthy touching and empowers kid-size superheroes to activate their super power–courage–immediately when someone makes them uncomfortable.  This colorful, rhyming and adventurous book also teaches kid-size superheroes colors, shapes and numbers. In addition,  “Don’t You Dare Touch Me There!” has more than 40 kindergarten sight words. It is the first book of its kind to feature a Promise to Tell and Listen Agreement that is to be signed by the child and an adult upon completing the book.

(Allow 2-3 weeks for autographed copies).


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