Kandra's Keys - The Shortest Book on How to Write Your Book (Pre-order)


We all have a story to tell including YOU, yes YOU - the person reading this synopsis! Now, I  understand the thought  of beginning  any project  seems overwhelming. Unsurprisingly, writing a book it's not an easy feat… until NOW!  Kandra Albury has occupied several  multimedia roles including: a television news producer, news reporter, speech professor, and corporate communications specialist.

Using her vast array of writing experiences, Kandra has coached her clients through the writing and self-publishing process since 2015.

This tool will not only help you get started with your literary masterpiece, but it will captivate your interest from beginning to end.  Kandra also teaches the hopeful authors  how to professionally brand their message and earn the respect they deserve as a professional author and leading authority in the literary marketplace.


Kandra Albury is an author, children’s advocate and literary coach with more than15 years of professional writing experience. She is the president and CEO of Kids’n Capes, Inc., which is a sustainable non-profit that serves as a catalyst for community members, donors and organizations to help prevent and raise awareness of childhood sexual abuse, bullying and illegal drug use.

Kandra currently serves as the vice-president of business affairs and development with North Central Florida DNA Laboratories in Alachua, FL. NCF DNA is the only minority-owned and accredited high-complexity DNA laboratory in the Continental U.S.

Her passion for writing started her sophomore year of high school when she enrolled in a journalism class. From there, she began writing for her high school newspaper and working on the yearbook committee.


Kandra’s professional experience includes working as a news reporter, television news producer and a supervisor of external communications with an emphasis on speech writing for chief executive officers.


She has a bachelor’s degree in communication from the University of North Florida and a master’s degree in mass communication from the University of Florida; thanks to the generosity of the Tom Joyner Morning Show. She earned a Ph.D. in ministerial education from Truth Bible University.

As a conqueror of childhood sexual abuse, she is a champion of courage and uses her voice to advocate for the voiceless. She is a certified Darkness to Light Sexual Abuse Prevention Training Facilitator.

In 2012, she published her memoir “From Food Stamps to Favor”. Immediately after writing her first book, she released the signature book in her children’s book series titled, “Don’t You Dare Touch Me There!” Since 2015, she has released two additional children’s books in The Feisty Four Children’s Book Series titled: “NO! …And I Mean NO, Let’s Say NO To Drugs!” and “Leave Us Alone You Mean 'Ole Bully!” In fall 2018, she will release
“You Did It Not Me, Brave Brittany Speaks Up!” This unique series is designed to empower children, three and up, to discover and activate their superpower-courage-to prevent sexual abuse, bullying and illegal drug use.

Kandra is married to James C. Albury, coordinator of the Kika Silva Pla Planetarium at Santa Fe College in Gainesville, FL. They are the proud parents of three COURAGEous children.


When Kandra isn’t coaching clients on writing their books or teaching intensive writing classes, she is equipping children and parents how to become their own advocate. She enjoys sunsets, facilitating COURAGEous Conversations, ™ trying different desserts and exercising.


She believes courage is the new superpower! ™


Courageous Conversations & Interactive Read Alouds

Ready to have a courageous conversation about sexual abuse prevention, bullying and peer pressure, but don’t know where to start? Courageous Conversations with Kandra ™ is for middle and high school students. This interactive program helps courageous tweens and teens become proactive thinkers through interactive role play and the arts by using real-life situations.

As a certified Darkness to Light Sexual Abuse Prevention training facilitator, I offer a two-hour interactive training session to youth-serving organizations. During the interactive training, participants will learn the five steps of preventing sexual abuse as well as how to recognize it, respond to it and report it.

Gainesville Portrait Photographer _ Lovi

Etiquette & Social Graces Instructor

As the founder of Pearls and Sapphires Youth Empowerment Series–P.S. YES! I teach social graces and etiquette to girls (pearls) and boys (sapphires) seven and up.


Simple social graces tip: Upon entering a room, be the first to offer a hearty hello and a warm smile.


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