Aspiring Authors, Ink: Let’s Write Your Book Together!

Who my services are for:
If you’ve ever wanted to write a book but didn’t quite know where to start, let me help you. Your story needs to be told as only you can tell it. The process can be intimidating, but you don’t have to do it alone. I’m here for you from start to finish.

What amazing work we’ll accomplish together:
If you can tell a story, you can write a story. Maybe you have started and need an extra push, or maybe you’ve always known that this is what you want to do but have no clue what to do next. Now is the time. If this has been your dream, you owe it to yourself to accomplish all that you meant to do. Your writing is your gift to the world and the world is waiting to hear your story.

Here are a few of my clients:
I’ve enjoyed helping many people accomplish their dreams… here are a few of the books that I have proudly been a part of helping get on bookshelves across the country. Will yours be next?

If you’re ready to tell your story– now– then I’m ready to coach you through the process–now! No matter what your budget or where you are in the process, I want to help you. Let’s have a 30 minutes totally free consultation! I want you to know that you can trust me with your passion. I work closely with aspiring authors on completing their manuscript within a four-five month period. In addition, I help you position yourself as an expert and leading authority as you evolve into an author. You’re not just writing a book, you’re adding to  your legacy!

Literary coaching packages include:

The setup– Getting you started-$950
Give me seven days and I’ll deliver the following:
• Four one-on-one (1-hour) coaching sessions
• Develop a winning title *You have 30 seconds to sell your book from the time that a potential buyer makes contact*
• Cultivate Chapter titles and storyline(s)
• Vet cover concept – Let’s get super clear on what you want to write and why.

o Who is your audience
o What is your message
o What is the Point of View

o What should you do next

• Best strategies for sitting down and writing your book.
• Includes a complimentary copy of my book – Shortest Book On How To Writing Your Book

Flowing and going- $1,800
This is an eight- week intensive coaching session that includes the following: Formulation of book title-
• Formulation of chapter titles
• Content development
• Eight-One hour weekly conference calls with one-on-one coaching and review
• Step-by-step help with writing your marketing plan

Let’s do this-$3,500
This is a 12-week intensive coaching session that includes the following:
All of the aforementioned items in “Set the Stage” and Flowing and Going as well as:
• Set manuscript completion/publishing deadline with calendar too keep you accountable and on track.
• Assign, review and assess weekly writing progress/assignments.
• Referral to VIP editing and marketing/ branding team.
• Benefits include:

o Saving yourself the headache of searching countless websites to find the services to publish
your book.

• I’ll personally refer you to an editing professional that’s right for your project along with
my tips on how to introduce your book and the type of editing you need.
• You’ll also be personally matched to a marketing strategist and branding solutions team to help launch and promote your newest book to the marketplace. Readers can’t buy what they don’t see. I will find you a team that will be dedicated to making you the star in this story.
• This includes professional illustrators, graphic designer, photographers and stylists.

I’ll handle it (Ghostwriting services)-$5,000
This is a 16-week intensive in which I’ll pen your book with you. This include intensive interview sessions to ensure I capture your story and bring it to life, just as you envision.
• Formulate eye-catching book title
• Formulate chapter titles
• Interview the client
• Develop content
• Connect with VIP editing and marketing/ branding team
• Weekly conference call

You’re guaranteed YES! -$1,200

Self-publishing and marketplace distribution- Give yourself the yes you may not receive from a traditional publisher by self- publishing your literary work. Best of all, you keep all of your royalties.

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