The steps of the righteous are ordered by the Lord and may require some stumbling. Ever stumbled upon a blessing, your destiny or purpose? It sort of feels like finding money in the washer or dryer or even on the ground.🤗 I have been stumbling for the last 5-10 years. I didn't realize that leaving Corporate America four years ago because I wasn't a "good fit" was the beginning of another major stumbling act (an ordained one at that). I wrote for everybody execpt myself. It was press release after press release and speech after speech. I was miserable because it no longer challenged me.

Then this conversation transpired between God and myself one day during lunch:

Me: I don't want to do this anymore *in tears*
God: Then write books...
Me: Books?! I write speeches, stories..You know, real news and besides, I am not creative enough NOR do I have time to write books...And, and, AND...I have NO clue where to start. I am a trained professional communicator
God: Ahem...Before you were formed in Emily's womb, I knew you. You can write anything. Me: You think? OK, I will write books but under one condition, YOU give me what to say... and I mean every single word.
God: That's all I want is for you to acknowledge me, allow me to take the lead and we'll write together. Now write the books...
Me: Deal.

I have stumbled upon poems that I wrote that are now children's books. I stumbled into becoming a children's advocate and stumbled into Barnes & Noble and ended up on TBN. 2018 is on the horizon and I expect to stumble, tumble and continue soaring with God as my chief advisor, CEO and CFO! If it is easy and you're bored, don't be surprised what you will stumble into. God will use stumbling to distract us from fear of tackling something head on. He has never let me fall and He won't let you fall either.

All of winter 2015 I’d drive by our neighbor’s house gawking at all of the beautiful oranges dangling from the huge tree in their front yard. I also noticed that they had kumquats off to the side of their house. Looking at the fruit reminded me of the fruit trees my grandparents had in their yard, which included a kumquat tree, an orange tree and a tangerine tree. My cousins and I would run around outside for hours and snatch some fruit and keep playing; the fruit was like an instant fuel source.

Well winter 2016 had rolled around and I noticed the fruit again. My husband kept encouraging me to ask the neighbors, but for some reason, the “courage ambassador” was afraid. We’ll the enemy wasn’t going to win this time around. So one Sunday after church I pulled into the driveway and got out and rang the doorbell. I heard a small dog barking. No one answered. I rushed back to my car to write a note requesting some of the oranges; I also included my cell phone number.